Warning!!! 3 things you need to do differently in order to be on top of your tasks in 2017

Do you spend at least a few hours a day conversing with your keyboard?

If yes, you probably find yourself staring at the screen, sailing in your thought to your last vacation or the dinner plans.

Wasting a lot of time seems to be the normal state of things; it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are tricks that work wonders in improving productivity.

I will share them here and add some useful chrome extension tools that can help.

Remove external distraction

It might look very strait forward however when you are in the flow of work you don’t want text massages, ring tones or other interrupt to break your concentration.

Closing the phone or putting it on silence seems a good solution, however the “smart “phone is where we have our time management tools, the clock and other utilities..

Yes, you probably have a clock on your computer and probably, you can use office tools, however, searching for the new task and opening office might be taking time and slowing your computer.

This is the reason I use Limestone new tab chrome extension.

Basically whenever I open Chrome, there is a to-do list, a clock, all the poplar links and other useful tools right there on my new tab.

It allows me to access the most needed information in seconds.

It allows me to stay in my “zone”, with nothing to slow me or my computer down.

Be positive

Shawn Achor from Harvard business review says: “Research shows that when people work with a positive mind-set, performance on nearly every level—productivity, creativity, engagement—improves.” (https://hbr.org/2012/01/positive-intelligence)

This idea is totally in line with our life experience. We all seem to observe that depression and stress reduce productivity.Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it

Lior Barkan, a leading NLP Trainer say “: “when we have too many tasks to accomplish, we naturally feel overwhelmed, like we don’t know where to start, this feeling actually cause us to be less efficient.

We tend to get paralyzed by conflicting desires for doing different things at the same time. “

A great trick is to change the focus from “ Oh no, I have so many tasks today” to “let’s see how much I can achieve today…”. This small shift in focus can do wonders to our work flow and productivity.

Staying positive is extremely important for your well-being and creativity, here some more ways to accomplish that in less than 2 minutes.

  • Write three things you are grateful for
  • write a positive massage to another person,
  • write down the most meaningful experience in the last 24 hours

I found another simple trick that work like a charm. I Limestone customized dashboard to show me inspiring quotes . Sometimes one phrase from mark twain or Churchill is all you need to cheer up .Just a few days ago I red Winston Churchill quote “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”, what was inspiring enough to win WW2 had surly helped me to defeat my next work task.

Create an inspiring surrounding

It is a common knowledge that good work environment contribute for productivity and success.

Area2 blog explain it well: “One thing we can be sure of is that the working environment has a direct impact on employee productivity and morale, so it makes perfect sense to generate a workspace that is conducive to the wellbeing of the workforce.” http://www.areasq.co.uk/news-knowledge/impact-working-environment-productivity

In ancient China, the work environment had been considered critical for success in all things. They even develop a whole science to manipulate their environment as means to success; it is famously called Feng Shui. One of the advices interior designers both Chines and westerns give is to have an environment with lively colors and natural elements.

Some chines business put miniature fountains, gold fish ponds and beautiful landscape pictures in the main working hall. They believe these elements contribute directly to their success.

However even when your office is a master piece of interior design, It will not help if you spend most of your time staring at the screen.

One great trick is to use your own screen saver or new tab to occasionally show you inspiring images. Sometimes just a quick glance at a beautiful landscape is enough to insert some positive impression into your sub-conscience mind.


Being productive is not just a matter of external circumstances but a matter of having the right frame of mind.

In order to achieve “effective mood” some external aids can prove very valuable.

Having a quite surrounding, positive people and supportive environment can do wonders to your productivity.

However when the external conditions are less than perfect we can use some clever tricks that can sometimes save the day.

Limestone Free new tab chrome extension was design with your productivity in mind. Downloading it from the chrome store takes practically a second. Give it a try, you might find yourself among the many fans who make it part of their success.

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