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One New Tab Opens a World of Possibilities: Getting Inspired and Moving Forward With Limestone

Feeling stuck? Losing motivation? Overwhelmed by a mess of tasks and commitments?

Cheesy as it sounds, help is just one new tab away.

That’s exactly what Limestone is offering. It’s an app that greets you with a gorgeous image, inspirational quotes and organizational tools, every time you open a tab on your computer.

I know what you’re thinking: how much can a new tab help me have more energy and work more efficiently?

Actually, a lot!

I’m showing here how the three main features of Limestone will inspire you and boost your productivity. I’ve also thrown in some helpful tips at the end for getting the most out of this app.

Motivational quotes

One of my favorite things about Limestone is the motivational quotes. They’re usually interesting and fresh, a cut above the trite clichés that often get passed around on Facebook and Pinterest as “inspirational.”

The one my dashboard gives today is a Hasidic proverb. I doubt I would have run across it on my own, and it really made me think.

These quotes are a constant reminder to try to be a better person, to do my best and put my whole effort into what I’m trying to accomplish.

It’s like when I feel like I can’t succeed, at least Limestone always has my back. Every little bit counts, right?

Seriously though, if you’re one of the self-employed, freelancing multitudes, you don’t have a boss or friendly colleagues around to say “You can do it” or “Keep up the good work.” Your motivation has to come from within. (you can read more on cultivating will power and motivation in this post)

The same goes for anyone whose main goal is self-supervised. If you’re working on a better diet or healthier lifestyle, making something creative or just trying to improve as a human being, you have to find your own ways to encourage yourself.

A glance at a cool quote in the midst of your browsing is a great way to do this.

Inspiring images to recharge and refresh throughout your day

Looking at nature makes people happy, and happy people get more done. (And have more fun while doing it.)

It’s proven by science. And you don’t even have to leave your desk and go hiking to enjoy the benefits. Looking out the window at trees and leaves will help. Even looking at images of nature has a huge effect on morale and productivity!

A researcher in Australia did a study on what she called “microbreaks.” A microbreak is just taking a tiny break to look at pictures of nature. They might be extremely short – only 40 seconds in this research – but they pack a punch.

The results were clear. Participants engaged in tedious, attention-demanding work were much more focused, efficient and performed better on the same task after taking a microbreak.

Limestone’s images are basically giving you a micro break.

You open new tabs all the time, especially when you’re stressed, busy and rushing to finish a project. It’s times like these when you most need a regular dose of chill out and lighten up.

These new-tab microbreaks maintain your focus and keep you from getting worn out.

Try setting up your dashboard with only pictures of nature, especially green foliage and plants. The color green has a unique restorative and recharging effect on the mind.

Or if something else makes you smile and go “Ahhh,” go with that. Anything that gives you a moment of joy and relaxation in the midst of busy projects is going to make you happier, healthier and more productive.

To-do list

To Do List

This used to be my method of getting organized:

  1. Write a to-do list in a notebook or Google doc.
  2. Put notebook away. Close Google doc.
  3. Forget the list and everything on it.
  4. Rediscover it weeks or months later and enjoy reminiscing.
  5. Add the items to my new to-do list, since I never got to them.

Rinse and repeat.

I suspect I’m not the only one who’s gotten stuck in this cycle. But for me, Limestone was a game-changer.

Now, getting a reminder of my tasks and plans is as easy as opening a new tab. If I think of something new, I add it right away. No more forgetting to do something because it was too much trouble to add it to the list!

It makes my to-do list impossible to avoid. Checking it becomes just a part of my daily web activity.

Plus, the feeling of satisfaction from checking things off becomes its own reward.

If you’re ever feeling stuck, I recommend coming up with as many small, easily attainable tasks as you can and adding them to your Limestone list. Add stuff that seems so trivial you would never bother putting it on a to-do list. Things you can get done with no effort.

And start checking those boxes! You’ll start feeling more motivated and confident right away.

Call it a to-do list placebo effect. When you see yourself constantly completing small tasks, you strengthen your subconscious belief in your own abilities. You build up some “get things done” momentum.

Suddenly, those big tasks don’t seem so intimidating.

This is a trick I came up with through using Limestone, and it’s gotten me out of a lot of ruts.

Getting the most out of Limestone

By now, I assume you’re set up with a customized greeting, you’ve found the to-do box and enjoyed your first image.

Here are a few more tips for using Limestone to get the biggest boost possible.

  • Set up your image collection. This is your saved portfolio of favorite images. You can add your current background to your collection by clicking the plus sign under the to-do list. Or, open the menu on the upper-left corner and choose images from the gallery.
  • Choose your favorite search engine. If you go to Settings in this same menu, you can choose to activate or deactivate certain features. You can also set your preferred search engine. Now, when you type in the search box on the dashboard, you’ll get results from Google or Bing or whichever.
  • Email notifications. Check out Gmail in the menu. You can access your recent emails without leaving the Limestone dashboard, and turn notifications on and off. With them on, you get a small popup at the top of your screen whenever you get a new email. Very useful if you’re actively corresponding, and easy to turn off if it gets distracting.
  • Sharing. If you love your background, share it on Facebook using the Share button under the to-do list. Your friends deserve a microbreak too!

Get inspired and get things done with Limestone

So that’s the basics of using Limestone. It’s a simple app but it really helps me stay organized and feel good while I’m working. I hope it puts a smile on your face too.

Have any inspirational ideas or tricks for boosting productivity? Share in the comments!

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