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Limestone Personalized Dashboard: 3 Reasons Why You Have to Use This New App

Sometimes a small, simple thing can make a big difference.

That’s definitely the case with Limestone, a new tab personalized dashboard extension for Chrome.

When you download this free app, every time you open a new tab in Chrome you’ll see a beautiful, dynamic background image, an inspirational quote, your to-do list and favorite links, plus many more helpful features.

I’m a big fan and if you try it out, I think you will be too. Here are Limestone’s top features and how they helped me become more productive and relaxed while working.

Time management

I used to have one big problem with to-do lists: I never looked at them. to do list image

It doesn’t matter what clever system you use, what beautiful notebook or snappy application y
ou keep it in. If you just write a list of tasks and forget about it, it doesn’t do you any good.

Limestone solved this problem for me in an instant. Now, my to-do list is available with every new tab. I’m always reminded of it, and it’s so easy to make changes to it.

Having your to-do list so near at hand makes life flow so much smoother. I always know what I have to accomplish during the day, and even difficult tasks seem less intimidating when accompanied by a gorgeous background image. Which brings me to the next point…



My favorite thing about Limestone is the beautiful, inspirational wallpaper images it shows every time you open a new tab.

They rotate every now and then, so you never know when a fresh image will pop up.

You can make a collection of your favorites or choose from categories like Nature, Travel, Sports or even live images, like a picture of a waterfall where the water is flowing, or a cute puppy whose ears move as he blinks at you from the screen!

It’s been shown scientifically that just looking at pictures of nature can be a huge boost to productivity.

In one study, participants were shown images either of lush greenery or bare urban settings. The people who saw nature had lower heart rates and stress levels. They were more focused and efficient in completing a task on the computer.

However, the pictures only brought these benefits if participants looked at them during the task, not before.

That’s why Limestone is so clever and effective: it inserts these moments of inspiration right into your work flow.

How many times during the average work session do you open a new Chrome tab?

That’s how many refreshing “micro-breaks” you’ll get with this personalized dashboard.

I also love the inspirational quotes that Limestone gives, a new one every day. Today, my new tab is telling me: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” (Henry David Thoreau.)

These quotes make me smile every time, keep me on track and remind me what it’s all about.

Useful tools

Limestone useful tools illustration

Last but not least, Limestone comes with a generous array of useful links and tools to make your work easier. These include:

  • Search bar that offers web, images, video, news and media search. You can set it for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Alibaba and more.
  • Links to your top ten favorite sites.
  • Clock and local weather.
  • Customizable settings.
  • Gmail notifications that will pop up on the top right corner of your screen whenever you get a new message.

All of these helpful features make Limestone’s personal dashboard feel like a home base with everything you need to get started with your work.


If you’re working hard on your laptop, trying to get everything done as efficiently as possible, you need as much inspiration and organizational support as you can get.

With Limestone, that’s all available to you whenever you want.

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